"One of my favorite parts of life as a musician is hitting the road, seeing new things, and meeting new people. It always reinvigorates me and my music. Read on to hear about some of the places music took me in 2015 and to meet the great musicians that I've shared the road with. And if you have any interest in bringing my music to a city near you, please reach out [TaylorLambornTunes@gmail.com]. I'm always in search of new locations to play nationwide, be it a bar you visit all the time or your backyard where you throw killer house parties for you and and all of your friends."


August & September 2015

Luke Pernici and Taylor began collaborating in January 2014 and he has since taken on a key role in her music career and the duo now regularly performs together. In fall 2015, the two played as an acoustic duo, "Luke and Taylor" throughout Oregon, Idaho, Utah, and Colorado. In Cleveland, the two frequently play local venues and private events, Together, the two bring fresh approaches to songs from many eras and genres and write songs with a similarly eclectic style. Drawing inspiration from blues, funk, motown, soul, R&B, and classic rock, the two have collaborated to create original material with a distinct and likable sound; also leading songwriting and formation of GROUP 2015-17.

Luke has been playing professionally since the age of 19 when local R&B sensation, E.T. King enlisted Luke as the primary guitar player for his band, “E.T. King and The Determination". Though, his talents extend beyond the guitar--Luke also plays drums, bass, and piano--he is primarily a guitarist when playing with Taylor.

Luke can be contacted for lessons on any instrument by email is: LNPernic@Gmail.com

July 2015

Brought together by a mutual love of Tartan Plaid, Christmas Music, and Julia Zimmer, Taylor Lamborn and Dan Miraldi, took to the East Coast in the Summer of 2015.

Dan Miraldi is a rock n roll singer whose music blends vintage rock with punk, Americana & power pop. He is known for his high energy rock shows with his band Dan Miraldi & the Albino Winos & has been hailed as an artist to watch. When Taylor came into the Cleveland Music Scene, Dan was kind enough to take her under his 6ft something wingspan and teach her his wise wise ways.

The two spent hours on the road listening to The Beatles and comparing embarrassing old recordings that are hidden in the darkest depths of the internet. In their spare time, they worked on some killer harmonies, and played to some great people in Baltimore and Boston and wrapped up the tour at Dan Miraldi's Cleveland release for his new album, Chaos, Destruction, and Dancing.

March & April 2015

Drew LaPlante and Taylor's first encounter was at a lakeside jam session on Put-In-Bay. The two performers were immediately inspired. Drew's uplifting acoustic stylings offered a beautiful contrast to Taylor's soulful blues influenced folk music.

Drew hails from the Lake Erie shore in Northeast Ohio but is currently broadcasting from a mountainside in Costa Rica. His music reflects an upbringing of happy insanity, the bootstrap struggle to pursue one’s dreams and the energetic incubator of his current locale. Clear-eyed and soulful, he writes and performs songs that speak to the human condition, the yearning for sincere freedom and his mission to love.

Taylor, sees music as the purest means of expression. In 2012, she began her musical journey, exploring the US and portions of Canada with a guitar in her hand. Stumbling into Cleveland’s Brothers Lounge, Taylor discovered Cleveland’s Blues scene. Taylor is now a touring singer/songwriter based out of Cleveland, OH where she has developed a captivating style of emotive storytelling.

The two artists spent the month of March in Costa Rica where they collaborated and played shows together 3-5 times a week. Following the month abroad, Drew and Taylor returned to the states for a tour of the south and east coast with a few friends, a few instruments, and a video camera.