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August & September 2015 Luke Pernici and Taylor began collaborating in January 2014 and he has since taken on a key role in her music career and the duo now regularly performs together. In fall 2015, the two played as an acoustic duo, "Luke and Taylor" throughout Oregon, Idaho, Utah, and Colorado. In Cleveland, the two frequently play local venues and private events, Together, the two bring fresh approaches to songs from many eras and genres and write songs with a similarly eclectic style. Drawing inspiration from blues, funk, motown, soul, R&B, and classic rock, the two have collaborated to create original material with a distinct and likable sound; also leading songwriting and formation of

"Take Me" Album Release

Save The Date. November 4, "Take Me" comes to town! Jim Wall was such a pleasure to work with on this project. Come celebrate with me and the boys at the coolest club in town.


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