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New Years Reflections

While updating my website and preparing to embark on a new chapter as an artist, I was digging through old content and stunned by this snapshot of the person I used to be. This video (screenshot above), posted two years ago, depicts a woman desperately clawing her way out of heart break and attempting to paint a facade of strength and happiness.

While detailing the lengthy challenges I faced during the past 2 years feels self-serving, I can simply say that for this hiatus I allowed my circumstances steal my happiness and drive. That continued until very recently. For just shy of two years, I have struggled to answer the doting questions about my life, where my next album was, and how I've been doing. I really didn't know how to reply. But over the past few months, I've proved to myself that I can start fresh and move forward. I've gotten back in the studio, started working on fresh material, booked shows at some of my favorite venues, and am once again working on my tour schedule with a few dates in Costa Rica on the books again.

It seems many of my closest friends are now facing their own difficult new chapters: many of you have recently ended important relationships, lost a loved one, or are working through other hardships.

As joy is paraded through these winter months, the burden of loneliness weighs heavier, but our struggles and personal demons aren't invincible. So here's to all of you out there who need to be your own superhero. Life is a tough beautiful road. If it means anything, I'm cheering you on.

Be well.

Be kind.

Take care of yourselves.

I'm off to make some new music.

Happy 2019!


p.s. When I learned and posted this song, I did it for my dad. He was a fighter.

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