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Cleveland, OH --  GROUP was created when a cohort of Cleveland players put their heads together to collaborate on a 5 song EP in 2016. A release party took place Friday, December 2, 2016, to a packed-house in Brothers Lounge’s Ballroom. With over 150 in attendance, the foursome laid down a memorable high energy set.

GROUP's contributors; Taylor Lamborn (Vocals), Luke Pernici (Guitar), Joe Botta (Bass), and Dom Williams (Drums); have each laid marks in the Cleveland scene with a long list of notable local acts. Coming together as “GROUP”, they aimed to snapshot the excitement of live instrument-driven rock and roll that is so essentially Cleveland. This crazy brand of bluesy, soul, funk, rock and roll, is captured in the EP's 5 songs.

Proceeded by a single-version and music video for Trouble Sleeping, GROUP’s self-titled 5-song EP is chock-full of soul, born straight from Cleveland’s vibrant music scene.


Mixing powerhouse vocals, driving guitar and bass lines, the goal of this project was to bring the same energy and excitement to the recordings that they bring to the stage. Lamborn, Pernici, Botta, and Williams tracked all the songs live, limiting overdubs to lead guitar, harmonies, and vocals. Translating a rocking live-band sound to disc came with the help of local legends Jim Wall (Engineering at Blue Buddha Music Studio), Bart Koster (Mastering at Midtown Recording), and scene new-comer/rising star, Dave Shaw (Additional Engineering and Mixing at Tungsten AV).


Jim Wall, who’s work with the Bad Boys of Blues Jam nights was essential to GROUP’s initial creation, collaboration, and friendship, offered up his thoughts saying, “It’s been a pleasure watching this group of musicians come together and develop into a cohesive band with a truly original sound.” A compliment which holds weight when considering Wall’s wealth of professional experience: he has played throughout North America and Europe with artists, including Hot Tuna, Big Brother and the Holding Company, Robert Lockwood, Hair, Kristine Jackson, and Walkin’ Cane among others.


Bart Koster, who can boast previous work with Nine Inch Nails, Michael Stanley, REO Speedwagon, Neville Brothers, among others said of the project, “it's some ass kicking material played with intent.”


And finally, Dave Shaw, a protege of Michael Seifert, has come up in the scene is a well respected peer. Keeping his ear to the ground, he offered a fresh take on mixing and was essential in the project.


To ​hear live renditions of the GROUP EP, keep an eye on Taylor Lamborn's live calendar, and more GROUP news will be posted on her blog as it becomes available.

The EP is available for purchase here:

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