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Taylor Lamborn's sound is just as powerful and full of personality as she is. A little indie rock-a lot of blues-but at the heart of it all, she's singer/songwriter with the type of grit that digs straight into your soul. Lamborn proudly calls Cleveland, Ohio her home. When in town she works as an artist, performer, and consultant on vocal arrangement and songwriting. She has released a number of live singles, three projects, toured internationally as a solo artist and worked locally with Cleveland legends. Lamborn captivates audiences with her emotive performances. She has played in a variety of venues, radio stations, and festivals throughout the continental US. She has notably been sought out by Producers of ABC’s American Idol 2014 and 2015 to be part of the show, won Cleveland's 2013 Warner Brothers showcase at House of Blues, and was featured as Taylor Guitar's "Player of the Week".


Utilizing the full range and dynamics of her vocals, Taylor Lamborn regularly demonstrates her unique ability to bring a roaring crowd to silence. It is in those quiet moments that her songwriting and lyrics take center stage. Taylor addresses the full spectrum of humanity; putting a voice to the hours she spends exploring and at times overanalyzing the nuances of daily life and human interaction. With Lamborn’s latest acoustic releases, she shares deep cut songs re-explored during the pandemic. These intimate, live and acoustic songs show the quieter, more pensive side of one of Northeast Ohio's grittiest rock and roll artists. Meanwhile, her current full band project fully harnesses that dynamic Cleveland-sound. With a lengthy catalogue of original tunes, Taylor Lamborn is guaranteed to impress whether during her acoustic sets or backed with a talented lineup featuring some of Cleveland’s best.

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