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Acoustic Singles:


February 25 2022

"As a singer/songwriter, Lamborn has a penchant for throwing out one-liners that not only paint a clear picture of a universal feeling, but she draws it so clearly for the listener you can almost taste it....she is patient. I think there is melancholy in this song. But not Sylvia Plath-like sadness. Maybe it’s the trickling acoustic guitar, or maybe because Lamborn is so genuine, the sun always seems to be on the horizon. [ more] "


February 25 2022

"I’m reminded of the heart and the soul of Janis Joplin when I hear Lamborn. As grand and impressive as her voice is, there is also a strong, powerful beauty in the quietness between versus. She motions you into her world..."

Hollywood Digest

... (read more)

"Family Song"

May 22, 2020

When I wrote this song over 5 years ago, it was for my family. I never meant for it to be more than that... (read more)

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