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"Take Me" Out now!

Take Me was produced in Cleveland and released on November 4, 2015. In the three years between releases, Taylor did much traveling, and ultimately immersed herself in the Cleveland Blues Scene. This project started with 5 of Taylor's favorite songs written in those formative years: a time when Taylor was transitioning as an artist and refining her sound. Taylor then worked with three of her local mentors Jim Wall (drums/production), Mike Barrick (bass), and Brian Davidson (Guitar) to collaborate and arrange the songs. The concept behind "Take Me" (and one of the reasons for the EP's name) was essentially Taylor's musical offering up to thre

e "Gods" of Cleveland's local music scene. She wanted to throw herself into their world, and see what came back. In just a few intense studio nights with Wall, Barrick, and Davidson, and some added tracks by Luke Pernici, "Take Me" and the 5 tracks emerged. The songs are available on Spotify, CD Baby, and iTunes.

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