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Brothers Lounge - Feels like going home!

Brothers is so much more than a venue to me. It's the very room I stood in when I decided to move to Cleveland. It's the stage I grew up on at jam nights. It's the watering hole that brought out so many generations of players; where I met my mentors - and bandmates - and so so many friends. It's the 10 x 3 and jam night and my CD Releases. It's the only venue that ever flew in Maryland Crab Cakes for a show so I would feel a bit of home. Years into playing there, I began teaching at School of Rock, and I watched my own students grow up on that stage. I learned how to teach there, and how to be taught, and have hit so many milestones. You can feel decades of music played by Cleveland greats and many blues icons created between those 4 walls. There's something truly magic about that place.

Last weekend, I had my first show back after the 2-year closure due to the pandemic. The band took the stage with special guests Jared Goldwebber and Gavin Coe (top left). We had an absolute blast with all of you! This Friday May 20, I'll have to honor of taking that stage again, this time solo to open up for the one and only Carlos Jones and the P.L.U.S. Band. I also will have the honor to return as a guest host at an upcoming Jam Night with the Bad Boys of Blues this summer. (Official announcement//date coming soon!)

I wrote the "Feels Like Going Home" song during the pandemic. And as I'm typing this, I'm coming to realize that one of the few things that actually "feels like going home" is playing on that stage. I'm so grateful for those moments and the community that those walls have built. Here's to great music and many more memories. So I've decided in honor of Brothers being back, my next release off of the Live & Acoustic sessions "Feels Like Going Home" - this is one I absolutely can't wait to record with my full band, we've been closing out our shows with it recently and they help kick it into high gear! I'm excited to have a chance to share the early acoustic version with you all though.

Here's to many more trips back home - see you all soon!!!



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