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Family Song (Get What You Give)

When I wrote this song over 5 years ago, it was for my family. I never meant for it to be more than that. A few weeks after I wrote it in 2015, I shared this song with my parents, close family, and friends at a backyard BBQ for my dad's birthday. And that was that. I guess I should have known I had opened up pandoras box and my mom would request it at every chance she could after that. She would randomly sing it to me on our walks or ask for it at shows. Slowly it felt normalized and I started incorporating it into my set lists. I learned that something that had at one point felt so personal and simple could resonate with others.

I never really knew what life I wanted to give this song, but when it was requested, I'd sing it. When my dad passed away in 2017 and my mom wanted me to sing it at his memorial service, I sucked up my tears and did as good daughters do; I sang it. In the months that followed when I restlessly couldn't bear to sing or write or even sit with my feelings, all I could think to do was record this song for my mom's birthday.

I'm so thankful for Bart Koster who let me cry in his basement and do a live one take version of this song which has evolved to mean much more than it did when I was writing it on a carefree morning watching the sun rise. Yesterday, as my mom's birthday came back around I chose to be completely unoriginal and regift this song to her in a few forms. I sang it on Gage House Sessions: Live with Taylor Lamborn and also chose to release it on all platforms. She asks over and over again for me to share it, so here it is. A little corner of my brain. I love you mom. Wish I could have given you a big hug on your birthday but there's a stupid global pandemic and this is the best I could muster.

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