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Gage House Sessions

My buddy Ben Gage has been dominating the streaming game ever since the live and local music scene went cold. I've been honored to be a guest on in his show a few times. Here's the last adventure we took to an abandoned Church on the Community Greenhouse Partners property. It was a beautiful day for purple carrots and haunting acoustics.

I debuted "Family Song" on the show in honor of my mother's birthday and the single release of the song.

I played "In the Wake" because a church is the perfect place to shoot this song. I had just had my story and a song had just been added to the "500 Artists" by 360 Reality Audio and Sony Music.

"Gold Rush Song" is one I wrote during quarantine. It's meaning is evolving a lot these days as I reflect on all our own struggles between searching for riches vs risking our health. Crazy times.

Hope to see you in person soon, until then, I'll do my best to keep you in the loop over here.



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