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Music in the Time of Corona

I'm not gonna lie - this has been a rough couple months. My family is the music scene here in Cleveland. It's been a jarring adjustment to not have shows and jam nights and studio days. I miss Brothers Lounge and Smedleys and porch hangs and dingy basements. I'm even starting to miss the smell of sticky floors, fried food, and stranger danger. But a few weeks ago I had the opportunity a few weeks ago though to play a show at the Music Box with my good friends Madeline Finn and Shawn Brewster. They opened up a whole wall of their building to the river and created a safe space to dine and listen to music. It was perfect. Here's a clip from that night taken by Peter Flavell. It's an older song I've never released, but the sentiment felt right for the occasion.

Let's hope we can all find a way to be more than fine.

Much Love

Many Tears

& Lot of Hugs.


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