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"Brittle" Review

"As a singer/songwriter, Lamborn has a penchant for throwing out one-liners that not only paint a clear picture of a universal feeling, but she draws it so clearly for the listener you can almost taste it....Throughout “Brittle” she maintains a modest, lovely range. I kept waiting for her to really belt out — like she does in “Fine”, but she is patient. I think there is melancholy in this song. But not Sylvia Plath-like sadness. Maybe it’s the trickling acoustic guitar, or maybe because Lamborn is so genuine, the sun always seems to be on the horizon. [more] "

Another review and I'm so utterly humbled.

"Brittle" is available now!

I'm most proud of this song because of the lyrics. So, I'll let them speak for themselves.

I’m not made of stone Just nerves flesh and bone Say it’s God’s will for me to just sit still but I’m not made of stone

I’m not made of glass but Under pressure I might crack If you think time will slowly just float by know It’s been kicking my ass

And this rain won’t melt me but I hate the wet And these words won’t kill me but they’ll fuck with my head Time is a thief you haven’t learned to barter I know I can make something of these hours if I work a little harder

I’m more than my mistakes But I can’t cast them away There’ve been so many nights that I just get by Always make it through the days

Just to toss this envy down a wishing well And I scream to the heavens I’ve got my soul to sell Seems jealousy it doesn’t have a bottom And Heaven won’t pay for souls when it’s already got ‘em

I’m not made of light I’m no harmonious balance of wrong and right I wasn’t shaped from a sacred clay just Feeling brittle today

Wasn’t shaped from sacred clay just Feeling brittle today


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